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Well ya read the title. Im no longer gonna post here and im gonna delete it. Im gonna be active on the offical blog of LMS though. Plus the chat box on this site will be gone as well. On the new site there will be an offical LMS chat where you can chat with all LMS member and friends! So heres the site. This post will stay a few days to inform everyone that there is a new site!

Also note there is construction on the LMS blog. So its not done yet. But go there anyway for some awesome fun!


After long long long awaits, CP ninjas are finally coming. Really I have been waiting since I first started! But the wait is over and we can all have a chance to become ninjas this coming November 17th!


And also everyone is making progress through out the outside of the Dojo! Who knew it looked like that?


Anyway updates will keep coming about this topic, so stay tuned here.


Hey! First off, Chipper1095 quit as being Co-Owner. And since Yo Yo 566, Cyril Kong, and Cor54vette all have acess to posting here, they can all be authors. So Yes Cyril, you can post here. Lol.

Also I thought I should list some contacts to contact me….

AIM: Pmac924

Email: or

Myspace: Search on Find Friends.


Youtube: Pmac1994pmac

LMS Blog:


So yeah.


Lol its me CYRIL KONG and im just saying hi to veiwers! I will post here sometimes if pmac lets me .chipper i am in LMS aka YCPT SO I dont need to ask you lol just kidding i might post here sometimes but i will be posting on Our other site YCPT Ofical Blog! thanks


Hey! Its Pmac. I have been thinking, this site has become reallly dull and not updated at all. I mean sometimes I think what happened to this site….Well now I think I will be back part time to post some updates. Maybe every couple days I will post an update. Sound Good? Chipper1095 is still a Co-Owner here so he can post as well.


Just a reminder Chipper, Sharpay is not allowed to comment here. She broke the rules once and im not gonna tolorate it. Whenever you see a comment by her, delete it. She leaves dumb comments and she screwed up my entire chat box and lied about it. So just an FYI.


Chipper1095’s edit: You got it Pmac! 😀 I will make sure that she doesn’t comment on this blog. Anything else that you need Pmac?

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Reading your comments is one of my favorite things to do. However there are some rules to them. 1: NO SWEARING OR BAD LANGUAGE. 2: NO PERSONAL INFORMATION. 3: NO BEING MEAN TO OTHERS. Anyway as long as you dont break those rules, comment away!

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